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We’re a team of marketing, creative, brand, and presentation professionals based in Los Angeles. We’re about delivering value through results, pure and simple. We are all about working with clients who understand the combined power of great story and great design, and how this can transform businesses, organizations, and individuals. Let’s Talk!

We have been working with major global brands for over 20 years, from marketing and advertising to creative direction to public relations and sales.

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CEO/Creative Director

Allen Breiter

Allen Breiter is a Persuasion Specialist, someone who shifts his audience behavior with words and visuals. Believe it or not, there is a science to persuasion and Allan Breiter should know.

Renowed for visionary branding and cutting edge presentation, Allen has been designing for the digital and print world for more than 25 years, and has commanded his own 16 person design firm “Breitercreative” for over 18 years.

Currently, he’s working as the Founder and CEO of Pitchpoint, a leading Presentation Design Agency that synthesizes the crucial ingredients of story, design, and oration to create powerful presentations. All companies, whether emerging or established, need to make a case for their existence. Who are they? Why they are? What do they bring to planet Earth?

Many companies struggle with these questions, and many

Your story is who you are, and your success depends on telling it right. it’s not just presenting with words ir visual, it is about relating through story and emotion. That is also what sets you apart.



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Art Director

Penina Finger

I’m a highly skilled and passionate designer with a hefty, real-world, ink-under-fingernails-pixels-in-eyelashes background in print and digital media, plus a variety of surfaces.

I’ve easily adapted to a variety of roles, learning what I need as I need it, and have worked with both small startups and Fortune 500s, including Coca Cola, Hilton Hotels and Home Depot.

I love researching and finding new resources, and building inspiring relationships with vendors. My writing and communication skills are outstanding, and I’ve also got plenty of hands-on experience with web commerce and online business partnerships.


Performance Coach

Liz Adelman

Liz Adelman is the founder of “PitchPolish”; a communications practice focusing on the unique challenges that face start-up entrepreneurs: pitching and presenting their products and companies.

She provides private training sessions and group workshops, cultivating the voices of her clients and empowering them have memorable and effective relationships and impressions with investors and customers.

Her varied experience in Live Theater, Marketing, and Public Relations enable her to create tailored, impactful solutions for her clients. She has provided spokesperson talent for NBC, Verizon Wireless, Nissan, SF Weekly, IM Magazine, Swagg, AirBnB, and others. Liz is passionate about working with entrepreneurs to help them overcome their personal obstacles and create meaningful communications in the future.


Director of Strategy

Tony Winders

Tony is a marketing executive specialized in strategy, brand development and integrated marketing communications programs proven to build awareness, generate leads and drive sales for digital media and advertising technology companies.

B2B and B2C marketing expertise spans brand positioning and messaging, product marketing, digital marketing strategy, advertising, thought leadership, content marketing, social media, public relations, corporate communications, direct marketing, lead generation, market research and strategic selling.

Industry areas of focus include advertising technology,
ad networks, programmatic, audience targeting, display advertising, video advertising, social media, mobile marketing, lead generation, influencer marketing, affiliate marketing, search engine marketing, cause marketing, integrated marketing, luxury marketing, multi-channel networks and digital entertainment.


Graphic Designer

Jessica Endaya

Jessica Endaya is a “Rock Star” graphic designer. Often described as enthusiastic, her love of design is driven by its universal way of connecting across different cultures and disciplines

She provides private training sessions and group workshops, cultivating the voices of her clients and empowering them have memorable and effective relationships and impressions with investors and customers.

Spending a few years in the Philippines and then moving to the states, it was at an early age that Jessica learned the importance of good communication. With the help of her Visual Communications degree from Truman State University, she concluded that concise, relevant graphic design is the key to good communication.


Motion Graphics Designer

Gev Grigorian

Gev is someone who is infatuated with the design world.  Specializing in graphic and motion design, he is always pushing his limit to make every new project to be more stunning than the last.

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