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80% of your online visitors will watch video, while only 20% read content.

The rise of video in marketing, social media, and in sales presentations is growing exponentially. Our video designers and producers create easy, budget-friendly down-loadable videos for websites, presentations, and video marketing programs.
It’s a seamless approach to blending your story, your slides and visuals, with the correct sizing for mobile devices.

We divide the whole process into 4 milestones

Voice Over

Hold their attentionwith motion

By showing rather than telling, video and motion graphics are the best way to explain things. They’re shown to increase conversion rates by over 50% – and they’re easily sharable.

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Clients come to us daily to upgrade the visual dynamism of their slide decks, sales presentations, and collateral.
We follow our simple 6 step process .


We know how critical your pitch has to be. We structure your story, maximize design and visuals, and then create the most effective delivery methods and leave behinds.


Important stories live in our data and data visualization is a powerful means to discover and understand these stories. We make your data visual and exciting!


At Pitchpoint, we specialize in video that adds a whole new dimension to your promotional, training and presentation materials.


ebooks are one of the best lead-gen content assets at a marketer’s disposal. We can design yours to be mindblowing with interactivity and killer visuals.


Entertain and enlighten your readers with stunning graphics and stats that will be shared across multiple social media platforms.

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